Celebrate 2019 with Harry Connick Jr, Breeze Artist of the Month for January

2019 starts with Harry Connick Jr. as our first Breeze Artist of the Month for the new year… This year marks the 30th anniversary of Harry’s breakthrough recording of music for the soundtrack of the 1989 romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally.

Singing, playing, acting and hosting, Harry, the original “Renaissance Man,” also just celebrated the 300th anniversary of his native New Orleans in a celebrated concert in December.

He’s got three Grammy awards, two Emmy Awards, two Tony nominations, induction into the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame, sales of over 28 million albums and countless rave reviews. But despite it all, Harry Connick, Jr. has never slowed his creative pace; he’s just shown his determination to apply his talents in ways that prove inspirational to other artists and publicly spirited citizens.




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